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Be an Expert Parent

What should parents say to their children after they play sport? Are some phrases better than others? What does the research suggest is the best (and

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What to Think About Before an Exam

What should students be thinking about the night before an exam (apart from their revision)? Are some thoughts more helpful than others? We’ve looked

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InnerDrive at Optimus Ed Conference

We are excited to announce that we will be presenting at the Optimus Ed Gifted and Talented Conference in September and October, which looks at how

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Managing Exam Nerves

Exams make some students very nervous. One of the consequences of Michael Gove scrapping modular exams in 2012 was that the ability to perform under

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Growth Mindset: Stories & Science - Part 1

Here is a two part challenge: find a single theory that explains why people are successful backed up by good science (spoiler alert #1: this doesn't

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3 Easy Wins on Metacognition

How do you help students improve their self awareness? According to the Sutton Trust, teaching students metacognitive skills has "consistently high

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Maximising Pupil Premium

How can you maximise the effect of your Pupil Premium funding? Over the past two years, the government has doubled the funding available to £2.5

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Can Negative Thinking Help Your School?

Have we been lied to all this time? Is positive thinking holding you and your students back? Recently, an article in The New York Times looked at the

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