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Should we actually be encouraging students to opt out of answering questions?

A recent research paper recently caught my eye. It is titled Opting Out as an Untapped Resource in Instructional Design: Review and Implications.

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The Spiral Curriculum: A complete overview

Have you heard of the “Spiral Curriculum”? This interesting-sounding strategy explores a different way to help build students’ mastery of complex

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Should Wait Times be longer for primary school students?

In the lively environment of a primary school classroom, the Wait Time after asking questions to your class can easily find itself shortened.

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Do we expect less from shy students?

Classrooms are busy by nature. Sometimes, it can leave students who are more shy and introverted in the shadows. It’s important to understand how

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What’s next for Retrieval Practice research?

Despite it’s growing popularity amongst educators, there is still so much we don’t yet know about Retrieval Practice. According to a recent

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Everything you need to know about exam stress

Every year, as exam season looms on the horizon, tension begins to mount in classrooms. The pressure to perform well, coupled with the fear of

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Differentiation vs Adaptive Teaching

Two different philosophies have emerged in education about how to help a large range of students: Differentiation and Adaptative Teaching. At first

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The link between perfectionism and fear of failure

Students often aim for “perfection” in their work; and while this sounds like it should be celebrated, this may come at a heavy cost with

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