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The pressure of being a high-achieving student: What the research says

Your high-achieving students' successes are definitely cause for celebration, but what can easily go unseen is the intricate web of challenges and

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A guide to assessment for learning

Assessment of students’ learning is an integral part of school life, but did you know about assessment for learning? It has emerged as a pivotal

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Cognitive Load, Student Attention and PowerPoint Presentations

Wouldn’t it be good if a recently released study was able to capture exactly what students focus on when they look at your PowerPoint presentations?

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How to make teacher observations less daunting

Many schools are moving from lesson observations being a one-off judgement and towards more of an ongoing coaching process. But many teachers have

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Can napping help your students' academic performance?

Our students are suffering from a sleep crisis. Many do not get enough of it, and we are quite literally sleep-walking into this problem. But what

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Translating Cognitive Science strategies to teach young children

Ever wondered how young children develop their sense of self? How they learn to understand what they read, and express their ideas in writing? How

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Do practice tests reduce anxiety?

As students prepare for exams, it is no surprise that test anxiety creeps in. The pressure to perform well and the fear of failure can turn the whole

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Maximising CPD Inset Days: Daffodils, quick wins, and big wins

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a key part of a teacher’s career. But with the limited time schools and educators can afford to spend on

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