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Everything you need to know about exam stress

Every year, as exam season looms on the horizon, tension begins to mount in classrooms. The pressure to perform well, coupled with the fear of

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Differentiation vs Adaptive Teaching

Two different philosophies have emerged in education about how to help a large range of students: Differentiation and Adaptative Teaching. At first

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The link between perfectionism and fear of failure

Students often aim for “perfection” in their work; and while this sounds like it should be celebrated, this may come at a heavy cost with

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Is Generative AI helping or harming students?

In an era where digital tools and technologies are increasingly integrated into every facet of our lives, Generative AI seems to be on everyone’s

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What to do when you’ve left revision until the last minute: A comprehensive guide

Many students fall into the trap of procrastination, significantly increasing the likelihood of last-minute cramming and panic. While it’s better to

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How should you Cold-Call students with SEND?

One of the most common questions we get asked when discussing Cold-Calling is: “Should you Cold-Call students with Special Educational Needs and

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Summary of the EEF’s 2024 School Guide to Implementation

The Education Endowment Foundation have just released their latest guide on how schools can improve their teaching methods with smart implementation

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Overt vs Covert Retrieval Practice

What is the best way to get students to do Retrieval Practice? Is it through Cold-Calling, mini whiteboards or Think, Pair, Share? We explored the

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