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The psychology behind 'Aha!' moments

One of the best feelings is when you are struggling to understand a topic and then all of a sudden, it’s as if you found the missing piece to the

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Do bilingual students perform better academically?

Speaking a second language can have many benefits. Bilingual students can relate to and learn about a second culture by communicating and forming

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Should parents pay their child for good grades?

Have you heard of the cash-for-grades scheme? Like the name suggests, it rewards students with money for the grades they achieve and is often used by

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Can napping help your students' academic performance?

Our students are suffering from a sleep crisis. Many do not get enough sleep. We are literally sleep-walking into this problem. But can naps during

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How multi-tasking impacts reading (and how to avoid it)

We would all like to think we’re good at multi-tasking and able to pay equal attention to several things at the same time. However, this couldn’t be

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7 things all school leaders need to know

A great leader can inspire others, motivate them, and encourage them to achieve great things. But being a leader is also a challenging task, because

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InnerDrive’s academic year in review (and what we’re doing next year)

July is almost over, yet another academic year is behind us. And what a year it has been!

We’ve had our busiest one yet here at InnerDrive,

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How to use Cognitive Load Theory with your SEND students

Managing students’ cognitive load is an important challenge that needs careful consideration. When we ask too much of students’ limited working

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