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How can we tailor Cognitive Science strategies for novice learners? A Teacher’s Guide

Thanks to Cognitive Science research, effective learning strategies have never been more accessible to educators. But do they apply to all students?

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The feedback students want vs the feedback students need

Learning is complicated and messy. And nothing helps guide the path better than high quality feedback.

However, we know that students often don’t

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Our top education books to put under the Christmas tree this year

What are the education books you should be looking to put under the Christmas tree for the educator in your life this year?

We think we are living in

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Biological Primary vs Secondary Knowledge: Informing Cognitive Load Theory

Cognitive Load Theory is the basis for many recent advancements in teaching strategies, focusing on how students process and store information.

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InnerDrive and Routledge launch 'The Teacher CPD Academy' book series

InnerDrive and Routledge are very excited to announce the launch of a new and innovative book series: “The Teacher CPD Academy”.

The series will

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Are Seductive Details a barrier to learning in the classroom?

In the pursuit of engaging students, educators can sometimes sprinkle their lessons with interesting but irrelevant details, often referred to as "

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Generative AI in Education: the government guidance, explained

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting and rapidly emerging technology with immense potential. Many in education have been

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4 ways we help students think more effectively

Positive thinking is important, but effective thinking also plays a significant role in your students' achievement. Experiencing negative thoughts

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