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How to use group work effectively

There is a growing debate amongst educators surrounding the efficacy of group work due to the potential for conflict between students, a loss of

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How much should students revise?

Sometimes, the stress of exams can be as much about calculating and planning how much time to spend revising as about the actual exams themselves.

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How to grab (and keep) students' attention

Pay attention!

All educators say it at some stage. Watching students zone out, check their phones discretely – or not so discretely - and chat to

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What happens to student motivation if exams get cancelled?

Last week, the Welsh government announced that, amidst the Covid-19 crisis, they will be cancelling all GCSE and A Level exams due to take place in

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5 ways to help students develop a sense of purpose

What is having ‘a sense of purpose?’. You can find a longer answer to this question here, but in essence, it is all about what you believe in, what

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What does it mean to have a sense of purpose?

Do you have a sense of purpose in life? What do you feel this purpose is? These can be difficult questions to answer. Some people know from a young

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What the Ofsted report on learning during the Covid crisis means for you

There wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s minds that the Covid-19 crisis would have a negative impact on students. However, the results from Ofsted inspections

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Why students should ask why

Have you ever been bombarded by an inquisitive child, who responds to everything you say with ‘why?’ ‘why?’ and ‘why?’? This can be a little

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