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Growth mindset and study habits

A student who has a growth mindset believes that their intelligence is not fixed and that, through effective learning strategies, they can improve

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What is Metacognition?

Metacognition is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular in education. Ever since the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit highlighted

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Using behavioural economics for better educational performance

Are you worried that your students lack motivation? Over the years, teachers (and parents) have tried many solutions to help boost students’ effort

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Do we teach boys and girls differently?

From even the early stages of pregnancy, boys and girls are often treated differently. From different colours for gender reveals through to the type

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How to inspire positive change within your team

What is the psychology behind helping a group of people make a positive behaviour change?

Good intentions may often fall short and an initial spark

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Why you should teach your students about neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change throughout an individual’s life. Research has shown that the brain is constantly

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4 problems Cognitive Load Theory still needs to sort out

Let’s start with the disclaimer first: we have spent all summer at InnerDrive HQ researching and writing our new Cognitive Load Theory CPD for

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Surviving the transition between primary and secondary school

If going back to school after a long summer break wasn’t already stressful enough, the transition from primary school to secondary school can be a

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