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How Good Is Your First Attempt?

Does your first attempt bare any correlation to your best attempt? Essentially, does how good you are the first time you do something give any

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5 Ways to Maximise Revision Time

With exam time fast approaching, students, teachers and parents up and down the country are quickly feeling the strain and stress of it all. There is

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The Benefits of Taking a Short Walk

Freidrich Nietzsche once said that “all truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson said it was “the greatest

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How to Actually Use Retrieval Practice

Not all revision techniques are equal. Some are very effective while others make little impact. One of the most effective revision methods is

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6 Ways to Help You Fall Asleep

Do you want to help your students or athletes improve how they think and feel? Would you like your students to get better exam results? Do you

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The Power of Expectations

As exam season draws closer, much much impact will teacher or parent expecations have on a student's performance?

In the 1960’s, a pair of

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How the Teenage Brain is Different, and What You Can Do About It...

Due to advances in technology, we now know more about the teenage brain. This blog looks at why teenagers are more likely to take risks, be

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Growth Mindset: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Does the benefit of having a growth mindset, which is the belief that one can improve, help all students equally? This blog examines some of the

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10 Ways to Boost Motivation

Ways To Boost Your Motivation

  1. Targets - Set yourself a clear, ambitious and accurate target
  2. Think Why - Remind yourself why you are doing this
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Growth Mindset And...

Complex problems are never solved by simple solutions. Improving learning and exam grades whilst at school are arguably two of the most complex

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