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InnerDrive at Optimus Ed Conference

InnerDrive at Optimus Ed Conference

We are excited to announce that we will be presenting at the Optimus Ed Gifted and Talented Conference in September and October, which looks at how we can best help Gifted and Talented students. Here is a sneak peak at some of the topics we’ll be covering.

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What is Gifted and Talented?

A ‘gifted and talented’ student refers to a child who has the potential to develop significantly beyond what is expected of their age group. These children often develop speech and vocabulary earlier than their peers, learn quickly and have good memories. The ‘Wasted Talent’ report by The Sutton Trust report that 60,000 pupils, who at the age of 11, 14 and 16 were in the top fifth of academic performance, do not subsequently attend university. More support for high attaining students from disadvantaged backgrounds is needed, as these children are often overtaken by less academically gifted children from better-off families.


How Useful is the Term?

The term ‘gifted and talented’ has been criticised recently. Some schools are worried about being seen as elitist or for not wanting this label to lead to a fixed mindset. Regardless of the label, the pressures that these children face are different from the rest of their peers. These can often include intense pressure from themselves, their peers or their parents. The effect of being praised for their intelligence can also lead to a reduction in persistence and rejecting feedback.


How We can Help

At the Optimus Ed conference, we will be discussing how some of the techniques we use, when working with elite athletes, can also help these students thrive. These include how to focus on the right thing, how they talk to themselves and how to handle nerves and pressure. A brief summary of this can be seen in the short video below.


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