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A Parents Guide to Surviving the Exam Season

Exam season is fast approaching. For students up and down the country this means trying to cram in as much information as they can in their final

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How to Perform Under Pressure

What is the hallmark of a champion? Big players perform their best in big matches and at the most important competitions. Think the likes of Tom

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Exam Countdown

Exams are just around the corner. They may not be life defining, but they are certainly life changing. Up and down the country, many students are

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The Power of Practice and Effective Revision

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Why is CPD important?

 The interest in how psychology and neuroscience research can improve teaching practices has grown rapidly in the past few years. But how can

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How to Revise Smarter

The Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that we are what we repeatedly do, so excellence is not an act but a habit. During revision, many students

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5 proven hacks to help students tackle revision

We know more about the science of learning than ever. Working smarter involves using your time and energy efficiently, but many students still do

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Harnessing the Testing Effect

Not all revision techniques are equal. In fact some are great and some have been proved to make very little impact. Fortunately decades and

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5 Common Thinking Biases in Education

As human beings, our thought processes are not always the clearest or the most rational. Psychologists have identified over 100 thinking biases.

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How to Improve Academic Buoyancy

Have you heard of the term ‘Academic Buoyancy’? Chances are you haven’t, but it may be one of the most important psychological areas in education.

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