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Developing independent students

Why do some students start the school year with good intentions of working hard at it, but sometimes fail to translate that into long term behaviour

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The Problem with PowerPoints

It is almost frightening to think how many hours are spent adding animations to PowerPoints. These, done with the aim of making the lesson more fun

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The Cost of Being an Expert

Being an expert is considered to be the benchmark of high achievement. But is there a dark side once expert status has been attained? What if the

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The Heat Effect

Do Student’s Grades Suffer With Hot Temperatures?

It has been one of the hottest summers on record, with both June and July at near record levels.

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The Best Way to Fail

Following a failure, is it better to reflect on how it makes you feel (i.e. your emotions) or on your thoughts? New research that has only recently

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Why Do Some Students Underperform?

Why do some of our students consistently underperform and fail to fulfil their potential? This question has puzzled teachers for a very long time.

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Do Students View Time Differently?

Why does it feel that sometimes students view time differently to the rest of us? Time is one of the most precious of commodities. Once it is spent,

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The Power of Debriefs

An essential part of learning is the ability to reflect on previous work and performances. An effective debrief can allow someone to pinpoint their

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