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Which type of worksheets is the best for your lessons?

When students first start taking notes in class, they often struggle and end up either writing everything down or not include enough information.

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The negative impact of mobile phones: research around the world

What is the negative cost for students for being on their mobile phones too much? With mobile phones increasingly finding a home in the classroom,

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The science of counting - a visual explainer of the 5 counting principles

What are the key principles to helping young students learn how to count?

Numbers can be quite an abstract concept, and until children learn the

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The biggest challenge of using cognitive science to develop a knowledge-rich curriculum

Since the introduction of the new GCSEs in 2014, ministers have focused on shifting towards a more knowledge-rich curriculum. Broadly, this concept

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3 surprising teaching strategies (and how they work)

Not a day seems to go by without a different teaching strategy being trialed in the classroom. Over the past few months, we have been asked about

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Can writing down your targets help you achieve them?

Setting goals helps us to guide our behaviour and motivates us to achieve our targets. Goal setting has been shown to have huge impacts in many

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Does having a growth mindset help reduce cognitive load?

Growth mindset and Cognitive Load Theory are arguably two of the most popular psychological theories in education. Often, these theories have been

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Children who know more, learn more: the Rich-Get-Richer Effect

Why do some students learn at a faster rate than others? Although many factors undoubtedly play a role, could it be that prior knowledge of a topic

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