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7 things we noticed about the new Ofsted framework

Ofsted have just announced their new proposed framework, which is the first change since 2015. It covers a range of areas, such as behaviour,

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Are you wasting your lunch break?

Recent research shows that the traditional one-hour lunch break no longer truly exists, and the average British worker takes just 34 minutes for

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6 ways to improve self-awareness

The famous tennis player Billie Jean King once said: “I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”

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Improving grades using metacognition

Teachers and parents are constantly looking for ways to help improve student grades. Whilst there are many methods that claim they will achieve this,

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Should Teachers Tell Jokes In Class?

Does making your students laugh improve how much attention they pay in class? Do jokes help or hinder learning?

A recent study found positive results

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Psychologically smart lessons

Every moment of a lesson matters. Each minute spent doing something that doesn’t lead to learning is sixty seconds wasted. However, there are a lot

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2018, our year in numbers

As we near the New Year, we're taking a look back at everything we did in 2018, our best year yet. Did you know we published 88 blogs and 31 posters

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The best two gifts you can give your children

What can parents do to best help their children thrive? The two best gifts parents can give their children are simple, easy and guaranteed to boost

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