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Notes from the field: 5 Cognitive Science strategies for struggling students

We have the pleasure and privilege of working with schools and colleges all over the UK and, in increasing cases, internationally. Being able to

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How to encourage more students to engage and participate

Have you ever wondered how to effectively engage all your students and create a dynamic learning environment?Imagine a classroom where every student

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How does Cognitive Load Theory integrate with other theories?

Does Cognitive Load Theory offer all the answers to teaching & learning, or does it provide a narrow view of learning? How do other teaching &

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Improving your team culture: 5 areas to focus on for staff success

Gathering a group of professionals together to work in a team should be an energising, stimulating, and productive process. Pooling expertise and

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Lethal mutations in education – and how to avoid them

A lethal mutation, according to the Education Endowment Foundation, happens “when evidence-informed practice is modified beyond recognition from the

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Our top 4 findings from UNESCO's report on technology in education

The most thorough and up-to-date report on the use of technology in educationhas been released by UNESCO. It offers valuable evidence on where we

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The Power of Expectations

How much influence do the expectations of teachers and parents/guardians have on a student's learning and performance? The answer may be found in a

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How to Actually Use Retrieval Practice

Not all studying strategies are equal. One that has proven itself again and again is Retrieval Practice, sometimes referred to as the Testing Effect.

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