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Why Are New Zealand Dominating The Lions?

In 2011 New Zealand ended a long wait to win the Rugby World Cup. The New Zealand team is often favourite to win each world cup, but often fails

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The Education Festival is one the highlights in the education CPD world. Once a year, for two days, the good and the great of education come

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Should students drink water in an exam?

We are currently experiencing a serious heat-wave at the moment, with this month looking likely to be the hottest June in over forty years.

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How to Receive Feedback Better

Bill Gates once remarked that “we all need people who give us feedback. This is how we improve”. But this isn’t always true. Some people get

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Building a Good Team Around you

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore once remarked “that if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. So what are the

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Why Growth Mindset Isn't What You Think It Is

Growth mindset is one of the most well-known psychological theories in education. But in the rush to embrace it, have most people misunderstood

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Teachers: here's how to get your lessons off to a flying start

How do you start your lessons? In many schools, classes will begin the same way – with the teacher explaining two or three intended learning

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What Are The 5 Best Questions Students Can Ask Themselves? (And Why)

Does asking yourself certain questions improve your performance?  Are some questions more psychologically rich than others? And if so, can they

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Eight Ways to Develop Metacognitive Skills

Despite its overly complicated sounding name, metacognition is fast become one of the most common topics being discussed by teachers. Research

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What is Metacognition?

Metacognition is a phrase that is becoming increasingly popular in education. Ever since the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit highlighted

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