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10 things parents can do to help their child in 2020

If growing up and going to school wasn’t challenging enough already, it is proving extra complicated in 2020. With the coronavirus crisis, what you

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Why are my students always tired?

Now, there's a question we're often asked in our CPD workshops. Most teachers have finished a lesson feeling uninspired because most of their

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What does mental toughness look like in schools?

Have you heard of mental toughness? Often talked about in relation to sport, mental toughness is characterised by an ability to consistently perform

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Are spacing and interleaving the same thing?

A growing body of research has highlighted spacing and interleaving as two of the best learning strategies a student can use for memory retention.

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7 cognitive biases holding your students back

Most people have probably heard about cognitive, or ‘thinking’ biases. For example, people with an Optimism Bias, tend to be overly optimistic and

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The power of putting your feelings down on paper

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of keeping a diary, such as for improving well-being and metacognition. But when you see beautifully detailed

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How can you reduce absenteeism?

School attendance is key to academic success. After all, how can you learn as effectively as possible if you miss classes, be it in person or through

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How to encourage good behaviour in your classroom

Losing valuable teaching time to disruptive students? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This is a common occurrence in secondary schools. Pre-teen or

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