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Can writing down your targets help you achieve them?

Setting goals helps us to guide our behaviour and motivates us to achieve our targets. Goal setting has been shown to have huge impacts in many

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Does having a growth mindset help reduce cognitive load?

Growth mindset and Cognitive Load Theory are arguably two of the most popular psychological theories in education. Often, these theories have been

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Children who know more, learn more: the Rich-Get-Richer Effect

Why do some students learn at a faster rate than others? Although many factors undoubtedly play a role, could it be that prior knowledge of a topic

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Plan, do, review: the Reviewing part of the metacognitive progress

Time and time again, metacognition is highlighted as a low-cost, hyper effective learning strategy for students. Metacognitive strategies specific to

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5 ways Rosenshine suggested you engage students with questions

Are you tired of the lingering silence you get after asking your class a question, forcing you to pick someone to answer? You’re not alone - but

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Plan, do, review: the Doing part of the metacognitive process

Metacognition is thought to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways students can boost their academic performance. Research shows that

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Target grades: good or bad for student learning and performance?

Many schools set target grades, which are estimates of what grades students could achieve. It is often done with the intention of inspiring and

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Plan, do, review: the Planning part of the metacognitive process

Identified over and over again as one of the most effective ways to boost student learning, metacognition can be defined asthinking about

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