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The impact of emotional labour on teacher burnout and job satisfaction

Teaching is an emotionally demanding profession. This isn’t just because of the stressful nature of the large workloads and long hours; on top of

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Do you know the difference between learning and performance?

Arguably one of the most important distinctions we can make to help support our students is the difference between "performance" and "learning". This

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So, what's next for cognitive science in education?

Last week, the EEF released their review on Cognitive Science in Education, which covers areas such as retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving,

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How can you make your school more research-sensitive?

Earlier this year, we published a blog all about how the majority of teachers report struggling to use education research to inform their teaching,

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Cognitive Load Theory in practice: completion tasks

Cognitive Load Theory is fast becoming one of the most important theories in education. It explains how our working memory has limited capacity,

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5 neurodiversity myths that every teacher needs to know

This is the third and final part of our neurodiversity blog series. You can catch up on the first two here:

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Cognitive Load Theory in practice: worked examples

Have you heard of Cognitive Load Theory? If you have, we’re not surprised, since this theory is fast becoming one of the most important theories in

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6 common dual coding mistakes (and how to avoid them)

At InnerDrive, we’re aware of how exciting new and useful psychological theories and concepts can be. But we also know that in the rush to embrace

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