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8 ways to be a better listener

There is a big difference between hearing what someone is saying and really listening to them. So, how does one go about being a better listener?

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The protégé effect

The great Philosopher Seneca said: “while we teach, we learn”. The protégé effect is the idea that, when students explain study material to others,

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4 ways to improve mindfulness

The word mindfulness is now being used in countless contexts, which has led to some confusion surrounding its meaning and exactly what the concept

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How to check if you really know something

How can you tell if you have really learnt something?

There is a huge gap between being familiar with something and really knowing it. This is

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Using cognitive load theory in the classroom

Cognitive load theory is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular in education, with many teachers starting to use its principles in their

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5 ways to manage your phone better

Students are literally addicted to their mobile phones. Having parents and teachers constantly telling students to put their phone away or to turn it

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Does high intelligence lead to success?

How important is innate natural ability? This may mean different things for different context. For example, in sport, it may be about height. In

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Multi-tasking is a myth

Multi-tasking is a myth. It does not exist.

For things that require our conscious effort and concentration, it is all but impossible to do two things

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