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Are retrieval practice and interleaving more powerful together?

There are so many teaching strategies that you can use in the classroom. However, these strategies often don’t need to be done in isolation. The hope

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Cognitive science: what mentors need to know

If you aren’t using evidence, what are you using?

Euclid is noted as saying something along the lines of “there are no new ideas in teaching, but not

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5 benefits of using self-affirmations in schools

“I am confident.”

This is an example of a positive self-affirmation. But do these actually hold any power? Can these statements help students in

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Self-control in the classroom: student success through structure and support

Your ability to control your cognition, emotions, and impulses may play a part in your personal success. Research has shown that having self-control,

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The 7 Psychological Benefits of Students Eating Breakfast

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, studies have shown that this meal is often skipped by students: more

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How to help your students improve their executive functions

Executive functions control our thoughts and feelings, and allow us to make sense of information and adapt our behaviours. They help students develop

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Do student get better grades when they enjoy school?

We all know how fulfilling learning can be, and how important education is. So, when students declare that “school is boring”, it can be

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10 ways to help your child with their homework

Evidence suggests that one of the most powerful things a parent can do to assist their child’s academic development is having clear homework rules.

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