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What Do Gritty Students Do?

Most students want to be high achievers, but what makes some more successful than others? Do they spend their time differently from other students?

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The Cost of Always Being on Your Phone

Is there a dark and sinister side effect of using phones too much? We live in an age in which technology is becoming more dominant and the impact of

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Choose Your Friends Wisely

Now that it’s common for people to spend more time socialising on their phone than they do in person, it is interesting to think about the role and

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How Team GB Wins Medals (and what schools can learn from this)

How do Team GB win so many gold medals? Are we blessed with a genetically gifted generation that are predisposed to sporting success, the likes of

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The Challenges of Linear Exams

Most subjects are now graded through linear instead of modular exams. This means less coursework and small tests over the course of a year or two,

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How Helpful is Homework?

How much of an impact does homework really have? Is more always better? Is it better to do it alone or with the help of a parent? And does it have

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The Psychology of Winning Fantasy Football: a sport psychologist's guide

Over 5 million people regularly play fantasy football. But what separates the best from the rest? Clearly, football knowledge helps, but arguably

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How To Start The New School Year right

It’s the start of the school year. Which means memories of hot temperatures, England’s World Cup run, and Love Island romances have started to fade.

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