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How we help students to learn more effectively

We have worked with thousands of students at hundreds of schools in the UK and abroad to help them to learn more effectively. And over the years,

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The Use of AI in Schools

Advocates of AI state it will quickly, and permanently, change the very nature of education, and suggest the possibilities for accelerating learning

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What is Generative Learning?

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, one approach that has been gaining significant attention is Generative Learning. This powerful method

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How can teachers measure cognitive load in the classroom?

How do you figure out your students’ cognitive capacity, so you can avoid overloading it? Can it even be measured?

At the core of this question lies

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The big problem with little interruptions to classroom learning

Are you tired of constantly battling interruptions that disrupt your classroom flow and hinder student engagement? It's no secret that these can be a

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Notes from the field: 5 Cognitive Science strategies for struggling students

We have the pleasure and privilege of working with schools and colleges all over the UK and, in increasing cases, internationally. Being able to

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How to encourage more students to engage and participate

Have you ever wondered how to effectively engage all your students and create a dynamic learning environment?Imagine a classroom where every student

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How does Cognitive Load Theory integrate with other theories?

Does Cognitive Load Theory offer all the answers to teaching & learning, or does it provide a narrow view of learning? How do other teaching &

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