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Sleep Your Way To Success

Do your students look tired when in your class? This is quite common in young students, as they are often not getting enough sleep. In fact, most

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The link between test anxiety and uncertainty

In the lead up to high stakes exams, it is inevitable that students will feel worried or anxious. A little bit of stress is a good thing – it can

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The impact of music on learning

Does listening to music help students learn more effectively and efficiently? Music can provoke deep emotions, influence one’s mood and affect their

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5 reasons why visualisers help students learn

Visualisers are all the rage at the moment – and like many new things in education, they could either be a fad or a genuinely useful tool. As they

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4 common myths on interleaving

The growing body of research surrounding interleaving has meant that an increasing number of teachers are looking to weave it into their classroom.

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Is there a link between intelligence and grades?

Intelligence has been shown to enhance with education. In fact, an additional year of education can cause an increase of up to 5 IQ points – which

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Growth mindset and study habits

A student who has a growth mindset believes that their intelligence is not fixed and that, through effective learning strategies, they can improve

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What is Metacognition?

Metacognition is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular in education. Ever since the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit highlighted

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