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Do students learn more outside?

Especially towards the end of the year, many lessons are taught outdoors to make the best of the warmer, sunnier days and the more relaxed rhythm.

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How important are teacher-student relationships?

How much does the relationship between students and their teacher matter?

An interesting meta-analysis, which collated the findings from hundreds of

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How to brainstorm better

When embarking on a new idea or project, it is now commonplace for teams to have a brainstorming session. The premise is simple: think out loud about

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How Google helps employees learn from their mistakes

Making mistakes is a vital part of learning. Unfortunately for many, the fear of failure means that they are unwilling to take necessary risks and

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When should students review what they've learnt?

Learning has recently been described as a change to one’s long-term memory. However complex that might sound, we now fortunately know more than ever

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Research says this is the key to happiness

Success, wealth and intelligence are all attributes that many desire, but for the majority, the one that tops all of these is happiness. However,

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Should we really admire naturally talented students most?

How good are we at objectively judging talent and predicting future ability? Be it for a business proposal, a high-flying student or an athlete or

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Everything we learnt on the first day of the 2019 Festival of Education

Once a year, the best and the brightest of education come together for two days to discuss best practice and research at the Festival of Education,

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