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The surprisingly easy way to help students use their phones less

Do you find your students constantly glued to their screens? In this digital age, apps are becoming more and more appealing, making it easy for

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The impact of TikTok on students' grades

TikTok has over 1 billion users worldwide, and is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults. It is easy to understand why: the app allows

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The 10 most important Teaching & Learning studies of the last 50 years

There is no doubt that the field of educational psychology has made remarkable progress over the past century. The discoveries made along the way

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Retrieval Practice in primary school: a case study with 8 practical strategies

With schools up and down the country keen to maximise the benefits of Retrieval Practice, it is always interesting to read about what this looks like

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What role do emotions play in Cognitive Load Theory?

We recently came across a groundbreaking review on Cognitive Load Theory – a widely recognised framework in education and the focus of much research

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Know more, remember more: how to overcome the key barriers to learning

As educators, we aim to equip our students with knowledge and skills for personal and academic development. But this task can be very challenging.

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Choral Response: an in-school case study, and the research behind it

This blog is jointly written by Bradley Busch(psychologist at InnerDrive) and Alex Richardson(teacher and professional learning mentor).

In the

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How to optimise students' cognitive engagement and reduce boredom

The very principle of school requires students to try and stay engaged, focused and interested for hours a day, every weekday. This, of course, is a

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