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Developing Independent Learners

Why do some students start a piece of work with good intentions of working hard at it, but sometimes fail to live up to their starting aims? Are they

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Is Predicting Grades a Waste of Time?

The vast majority of schools spend time (and money) on predicting how their students will do over the coming years. But is there any point in doing

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7 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood

Bobby McFerrin famously sangDon’t worry, be happy”.

But that’s easier said than done, right? Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a huff and we

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How to Win the Ashes - The Psychology of an Elite Cricketer

Who is going to win the 2017 Ashes?  When Joe Root’s and Steve Smith’s teams go head to head, what will be the key factors that lead them to victory?

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How Parents Can Help Improve Grades

How can parents best help their children achieve good grades? Parents have previously been criticised for how they go about this. Respected educator

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Growth Mindset: Stories & Science - Part 7

Our Greatest Glory – Nelson Madela

South African President Nelson Mandela highlighted the importance of learning and resilience when he once said “if

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Why do Teenagers Get Wet in the Rain?

Recently, we were delivering a CPD session for teachers. As we were going to leave, a storm started. Waiting for the rain to pass, one of the

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Mindset and Mental Health: Interview With an Expert

We recently wrote a blog detailing some of the latest research that highlights the link between mindset and mental health.

A significant part of that

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