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Managing Exam Nerves

Exams make some students very nervous. One of the consequences of Michael Gove scrapping modular exams in 2012 was that the ability to perform

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Growth Mindset: Stories and Science

Here is a two part challenge: find a single theory that explains why people are successful backed up by good science (spoiler alert #1: this

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3 Easy Wins on Metacognition

How do you help students improve their self awareness? According to the Sutton Trust, teaching students meta-cognitive skills has "consistently

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Sleep Your Way To Success

Do you want to help your students or athletes improve how they think and feel? Would you like your students to get better exam results? Do you

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Helping Students Become Resilient

There is a lot of talk about the importance of developing character in students, with resilience being mentioned a lot. The question on most

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Maximising Pupil Premium

How can you maximise the effect of your Pupil Premium funding? Over the past two years, the government has doubled the funding available to £2.5

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Can Negative Thinking Help Your School?

Have we been lied to all this time? Is positive thinking holding you and your students back? Recently, an article in The New York Times looked at

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What To Grow With A Growth Mindset

If we could help someone develop any skill, what would it be? One possible answer emerging from the research is grit. But what exactly is it and

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Using Your Scarcest Resource Wisely

What is the most precious resource you have? There are approximately 190 days in the academic school year, including those days where students

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Growth Mindset: The Latest Fad?

Every so often, a new phrase enters the education and sporting world and quickly becomes the thing that everyone is talking about. 2014-15 looks

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