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What Motivates Someone? Part 1: Rewards

What motivates someone to do well? This three part blog looks at the three different ways you could motivate someone: rewards, fear or future

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Get The Crowd on Your Side

A supportive crowd can help athletes push on to bigger and better performances. Research shows that having family and friends watch can help

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Is School One Big Marshmallow Test?

If I offered you a marshmallow and told you that if you refrained from eating it for 15 minutes, I would give you two instead, would you be able

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Metacognitive Strategies

Metacognition is the ability to critically analyse how you think, or, in simple terms, having self-awareness and control of your thoughts. It is

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9 Ways Olympians Develop Resilience

How important is resilience? Research suggests that the ability to persevere and overcome setbacks is a key component in helping Olympic champions

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6 Ways to Improve How You Talk to Yourself

How well you talk to yourself will impact on how you feel and, subsequently, how well you will perform. Research has shown that how you talk to

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How To Help Struggling Year 7 Students

What is the best way to help struggling Year 7 students? The Department for Education has allocated £500 for each pupil who has achieved less than

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How Do You Actually Develop A Growth Mindset

Most people in the education and sport worlds now know the difference between fixed (ability is set in stone) and growth mindset (ability is

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9 Common Sleep Mistakes

Chances are you're not getting enough sleep. Despite sleeping for about 20 years over a lifetime, most of us are rubbish at it and although we all

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9 Questions to Improve Metacognition

Metacognition is a phrase that is being talked about in more and more in staff rooms. But many people are still unclear on exactly what it is, how

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