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What is Deliberate Practice, and why should you care?

Does practice make perfect? Probably not. But how much can it help you get better? Does the domain that you are practicing in make a difference? For

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The top 3 conditions for Elaborative Interrogation

There isn’t a right way to learn. However, decades of research and classroom practice are helping us discover best bets for learning and hone our use

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How to overcome procrastination and build better study habits

Every student has been there. Working last-minute to meet a deadline while criticising themselves for not starting the assignment sooner. Yet they do

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Retrieval Practice trumps re-reading, but what about other learning strategies?

Not all learning strategies are equal. One that has consistently been found to help a range of students is Retrieval Practice. Typically in most

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5 ways to help your students prepare for exams

Exam season is creeping up upon us quickly. How your students learn and study over the next few months can make a significant impact on their final

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Cold-Calling: A deep dive Interview with Doug Lemov by Bradley Busch

In recent years, Cold-Calling has become one of the most prominent questioning strategies used in classrooms. It sounds like a simple and straight

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Digital vs printed textbooks: which do students learn better from?

The “digital age” has long since been upon us and made its mark in the education world. The temptation for schools to replace traditional printed

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Do students actually know what learning looks and feels like?

Students typically spend at least 13 years in education. It would be easy to assume that by the end of this period, they know exactly what they are

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