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Better self-confidence in the classroom

Confidence can sometimes be the final nudge needed to make the leap between wanting to do something and actually doing it. However, there are many

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Growth Mindset And...

Complex problems are never solved by simple solutions. Improving learning and exam grades whilst at school are arguably two of the most complex

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The link between emotions and memory (and how to use it)

Often, our most vivid memories are associated with strong emotions. Is this something that teachers can tap into? If we understand the link between

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Students: Managing Your Mobile Phone at Night

One of the most common discussions we have with students when we visit schools to deliver our workshops is about how much sleep they get - or,

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The Cost of Being an Expert

Who wouldn’t want to be considered an expert in their field? It’s considered the benchmark of high achievement, but there is actually a dark side to

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How to help struggling students

As schools prepare to welcome students again, they are also bracing for all the catching up they will need to do. After several months of school

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The impact of music on learning

Does listening to music help students learn more effectively and efficiently? Music can provoke deep emotions, influence one’s mood and affect their

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What schools can learn from the Pepsi taste test

Why do students appear to sometimes make really bad decisions about their revision? Is there a difference between what you want and what you need?

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