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Are you experiencing Zoom fatigue? Here's why

Recently we came across this article on the BBC which asks why you might be finding video calls so tiring, and explains what you might be able to do

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How can we promote teacher resilience during school closures?

The British Psychological Society has recently released a report discussing teacher resilience during school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Is mindset the key to stress management?

The conversation surrounding stress is always expanding. From learning about how it affects our bodies, to discussing how it can impact academic

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A quick guide to the Split Attention Effect

Cognitive Load Theory is fast becoming one of the most talked about theories in education. It offers practical and simple strategies that can be used

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Why the middle is the hardest part of a task

Lots of people will be looking for ways to stay motivated as best as possible at the moment. At InnerDrive, this made us think about a problem we are

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What is the ideal home learning environment?

Remote teaching and remote learning are the new realities for many of us. But they also pose a new set of challenges, especially for students. Many

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How to become an independent learner

Independent learning is the holy grail of education. It is considered to be the key to effective learning as students transform the way they take in

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Why uncertainty breeds stress

Uncertainty is inevitable at one point or another in our lives. We may face a decision without enough information to help us make up our mind or

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