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Developing metacognition in science class

Metacognition works best when it is taught and applied within a specific subject. That is because what may be an effective strategy in one lesson may

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6 ways to improve metacognition in primary schools

Metacognition refers to a student’s ability to show awareness, reflect and direct their thought process effectively towards their learning. As the

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Why you should stop checking work emails after hours

Guess how many emails the average employee receives per day? 97. (source)

And guess how many employees check their work messages at least once a day

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5 ways students can better manage gaming time

Excessive gaming amongst young people is becoming an increasingly big issue. Gaming addiction has even been classified as a mental health disorder by

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8 ways to be a better listener

There is a big difference between hearing what someone is saying and really listening to them. So, how does one go about being a better listener?

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The protégé effect

The great Philosopher Seneca said: “while we teach, we learn”. The protégé effect is the idea that, when students explain study material to others,

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4 ways to improve mindfulness

The word mindfulness is now being used in countless contexts, which has led to some confusion surrounding its meaning and exactly what the concept

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How to check if you really know something

How can you tell if you have really learnt something?

There is a huge gap between being familiar with something and really knowing it. This is

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