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Is technology the solution for better student learning?

With technology being ever present in society, the debate surrounding whether it has its place in the classroom or not continues to grow. As with all

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How To Use The Cornell Note Taking Method Effectively

What is the most effective way for students to take notes in class?

One style of note taking has recently started gaining more and more attention:

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The surprising truth about passion

There is a universal view that we put more effort into a task or venture when we are passionate about it. However, recent research has suggested that

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Do smaller class sizes make a difference?

Ask parents and they will almost certainly say that they would prefer their child to go to a school that has smaller class sizes. Intuitively, it

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Does chewing gum really improve concentration and learning?

The need to succeed in exams and be able to concentrate for long periods of time to increase learning has driven many students to look for left-field

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How (not) to praise your child

Did you know that what you praise your child for and how you do it can have huge implications for how they think, feel and behave in the future?

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Are school uniforms actually a good idea?

82% of state schools in the UK specify that their students must wear a school uniform.

However, despite this large majority, the debate as to whether

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Growth mindset and the stress hormone

Growth mindset is one of the most talked about phrases in education, and something that teachers up and down the country are trying to develop in

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