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How to spot hype

Are you getting bored of hearing claims that are too good to be true? Not sure if you are being exposed to ‘the next big thing’ or simply the latest

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Is "find your passion" good advice?

Many young people are often encouraged to do ‘something they love’ and to ‘find their passion’. This advice is usually given with good intentions,

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Why it's good to ask for help

Many people are scared to ask for help for fear of looking stupid. This self-handicapping behaviour might be the single biggest thing holding back

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Can one-off Growth Mindset interventions work?

Growth mindset, which is the belief that your abilities are not set in stone and can be improved, is arguably one of the most popular theories in

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Can you improve metacognition quickly?

Metacognition is quickly becoming one of the most popular terms in education. This is because evidence suggests that metacognitive strategies are

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How to help struggling students

If education is one of the single most important things in driving forward social mobility, it is important to consider how we best help our

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The consequences of Electronics in Class

We now live in a world in which there are more electronic devices than people. It sometimes feels as if electronics are taking over everyone’s lives.

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What Do Gritty Students Do?

Most students want to be high achievers, but what makes some more successful than others? Do they spend their time differently from other students?

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