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Four of Paul Kirschner's most influential studies

We are very excited for the upcoming Festival of Education. InnerDrive has curated the Cognitive Science strand, which brings together leading

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Predicting or retrieving: which helps students learn better?

As educators, we’re always looking for ways to improve learning and retention. While Retrieval Practice is well established as a core strategy for

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A brief guide to Gagné's 9 Events of Instruction

Robert Gagné is a name that should truly stands out when it comes to thinking about the way we learn. Back in the 1940s, he made groundbreaking

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Thinking and Participation Ratios: maximising cognitive engagement

A few weeks ago, InnerDrive’s Bradley Busch was lucky enough to hear Doug Lemov present in person about how to maximise cognitive engagement in the

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Academic or pastoral interventions: which should you prioritise?

Recognising the diverse needs of students is essential within education – as a result, teachers are responsible for not only managing student

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Literacy skills seem to fuel literacy enjoyment – not vice-versa

It would seem intuitive that children who like to read and write tend to be better at it. We usually interpret this link as enjoyment creating

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The cognitive bias underlying all others (and how to avoid it)

Sometimes, we don’t behave as rationally as we think we do. One of the culprits: cognitive biases. They can lead to faulty judgement and flawed

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Is it time to abandon the Feedback Sandwich?

Giving feedback to students is an essential part of teaching, but it can be challenging to strike a balance between being supportive and critical. In

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