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Does high intelligence lead to success?

How important is innate natural ability? This may mean different things for different context. For example, in sport, it may be about height. In

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Multi-tasking is a myth

Multi-tasking is a myth. It does not exist.

For things that require our conscious effort and concentration, it is all but impossible to do two things

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The eight-hour sleep challenge

The majority of students recognise that a poor night’s sleep affects their abilities to concentrate and remember information the next day. However,

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Flashcards: what, when, how, and where?

When revising, many students spend hours re-reading their notes and highlighting the most important phrases. However, such revision practices are

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Should universities give unconditional offers?

The number of unconditional offers universities are giving prospective students is at its highest rate ever, with 23% of students receiving one last

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4 ways to overcome test anxiety

For our students, the outcome of months and months of studying and hard work can hinge on one single performance. Therefore, it is not surprising

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Why you need to know about retrieval practice

When it comes to revision, there are numerous ways in which students can revise. However, recent research has shown that not all revision techniques

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Sleep: myths vs facts

We are pretty sure there is a national sleep crisis. Too many students aren’t getting enough of it and are sleepwalking their way through their

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