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Why Do Some Students Underperform?

Why do some of our students consistently underperform and fail to fulfil their potential? This question has puzzled teachers for a very long time.

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Do Students View Time Differently?

Why does it feel that sometimes students view time differently to the rest of us? Time is one of the most precious of commodities. Once it is spent,

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The Power of Debriefs

An essential part of learning is the ability to reflect on previous work and performances. An effective debrief can allow someone to pinpoint their

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Can Looping Help Your Students?

Have you heard about ‘looping’? It may be just the thing to help your students thrive. We know that teachers play an important role in a child’s

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Is The World Cup Bad For Grades?

Does the World Cup have a negative impact on exams? Can a major sporting event really have an impact on high-stake tests? Given that the most popular

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How to do Goal Setting Right

Why do so many people mess up goal-setting? Maybe it’s because goal-setting research has been around for so many years that different suggestions are

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How to Maintain New Habits

People love to set goals. It can help us feel motivated and focused. Unfortunately for us, there is such a big gap between intention and action that

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Growth Mindset in Maths?

Students tend to have more of a fixed view of maths skills than of other intellectual skills” – Carol Dweck

We have heard Carol Dweck’s assertion

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