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The importance of taking it day by day in sport

Sometimes, as an athlete, you can get caught up focusing on your next big competition or what training you need to get through next. It is easy to

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Is there an upside to injury?

Injury is, unfortunately, an inevitable reality for athletes today. Younger athletes in particular are at a high risk of injury, often resulting from

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How to win the Ryder Cup: top tips from a golf psychologist

The Ryder Cup is back this weekend at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin, where the best golfers from Europe and the US will compete to be on top. Team

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Read greens like a pro: How to improve your green reading in golf

Whether you are a professional golfer or an amateur, being able to sink putts is, without a doubt, one of the most important factors in playing good

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How to develop team resilience in elite sports

You may have read our blog on developing individual resilience in elite sports. But for those who play in team sports, it’s important not only for

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How to develop individual resilience in elite sports

Elite sport is full of pressures and challenges, on and off the field. Why is it that some athletes can withstand and overcome these stresses, while

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Is sport psychology useful for amateurs?

If you ask athletes what the difference between their best and worst performance was, most will say that it was ‘all in their head.’ Despite this,

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How to help players who have been released

Every year, many players are released from academies or from professional contracts. This year, especially in the current climate, is no different.

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Performing after lockdown: how to bounce back

Over the course of lockdown we have focused a lot on helping athletes to practice properly from home and try to stay on top of their game. But, with

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How to help players transition out of an academy

Every year, there is a new batch of players facing the prospect of being given a professional contract or being released from the club. Whilst this

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