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What to do when you lose a final

Last week, we talked about what it takes to win a final. But unfortunately, for one team to win a final, the other must lose.

So, we thought we’d

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How to win a final

When you’ve worked really hard all season, making it to finals is a great feeling. You feel like all the hard work was worth it, and you’re excited

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How to race a Grand Tour

It is that time of year again: Grand Tours are back. After a cracking Spring Classics season, the Giro d’Italia started last week, and the Tour de

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What I wish I knew when I started Stage 2

Are you an aspiring sport psychologist? Today, our very own Matt Shaw reflects on what he’s learnt from his Stage 2, and what you can learn from it

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How to push through the tough days in sport

Tough days are inevitable in sport. Sometimes, you might even have to deal with a string of bad days. No matter how hard you try, it’s just not

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How to turn it around mid-match

We have looked at how to bounce back after a defeat, but what about when you are in the middle of a match or competition? What can you do then, when

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How to help improve an athlete’s confidence

Every athlete will suffer with confidence issues at one point in their career, whether that’s because they received some negative feedback, lost a

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Play like a Masters golfer – our top sport psychology tips

The Masters is back, bringing together the world’s top golfers to compete for the chance to win the famous green jacket. After previously writing

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The top 6 questions we get asked as sport and performance psychologists

Although sport and performance psychology is a growing field and many of the best athletes benefit from using it, there is still a lot of confusion

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What we have learnt from the 2022 Six Nations

The 2022 Six Nations just finished this past weekend – and what a tournament it was…

Much of the excitement this year came from surprising

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