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The impact of the crowd's noise on referee decisions

The margin between winning or losing in football is so small. This means that one little decision by the referee can have huge implications on the

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How to win at fantasy football - a sport psychologist's guide

Over 5 million people regularly play fantasy football. But what separates the best from the rest?

Clearly, football knowledge helps, but arguably

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Everything you need to know about VAR and referee biases

The start of the 2019-20 Premier League saw the introduction of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) for the first time. It quickly suffered from the

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Do the favourites always win?

Take a guess: how often do you think the favourites in a football match actually win? This blog answers that exact question, exploring why the

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How to win the Ashes: the psychology of an elite cricketer

Who is going to win the 2019 Ashes?  Will it be a ‘golden summer’ for English cricket as England look to build on their World Cup success by

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How can you develop your mental toughness?

‘Mental toughness’ is probably the most over-used phrase in sport. It is often held up as this magical quality that will ensure success to all those

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A golf psychologist's guide to clutch golf

What do champion golfers do better than other professional and amateur golfers? How do they always manage to play their best golf in big events and

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How to win The Masters - A golf psychologist's guide

No golf tournament is as hugely anticipated as this year’s first major championship: The Masters. Each year, the winner etches their name into

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Are football clubs wasting money on transfers? A sport psychologist's analysis

Have football clubs been wasting their money for years by overpaying for talent in the transfer market? Why is it that some clubs seem to

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Should children specialise in one sport early?

Many parents want their child to be the next sporting superstar. This has partly led to children playing competitive sport earlier and earlier.

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