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How to win the 6 nations

This weekend will mark the beginning of the 2020 Six Nations tournament, which promises to be especially exciting. With so many new faces in squads

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A look back at InnerDrive's 2019 in sport psychology

It’s getting colder outside and we’re getting really excited about Boxing Day football - the end of the year is the ideal time for all of us to take

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9 questions to ask yourself before you compete

How you talk to yourself in the lead up to and during competition will affect how you feel and subsequently how you perform. When we speak with our

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The surprising impact of red cards on footballers

With the football season back up and running and games coming thick and fast, we have already seen a number of red cards, not to mention the two red

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What You Can Learn from Paralympic Champions

In Rio 2016, Team GB finished second in the medal table. Our Paralympians have been labelled as ‘The Super-Humans’, but what psychological skills

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An expert guide to performing under pressure

We all know the uncomfortable feeling of pressure - whether it’s pressure to perform well in an exam, pressure to impress at a job interview or

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What to think about before a match

Good preparation for any sports event starts the night before. At InnerDrive, we always teach our athletes this phrase: “fail to prepare, prepare to

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Why are New Zealand so good at rugby? A team culture analysis

In 2011, New Zealand ended a long wait to win the Rugby World Cup then went on the win again in 2015. Prior to this, the All Blacks team were often

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The impact of the crowd's noise on referee decisions

The margin between winning or losing in football is so small. This means that one little decision by the referee can have huge implications on the

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How to win at fantasy football - a sport psychologist's guide

Over 5 million people regularly play fantasy football. But what separates the best from the rest?

Clearly, football knowledge helps, but arguably

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