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Sports Psychology and the Pressure of Knock Out Football

What is the hallmark of a World Cup champion? What is the difference between champions and their less successful opponents? What do these footballers

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Football Sports Psychology For Parenting Youth Footballers

Parenting Youth Footballers

What is the secret to successfully parenting children involved in football? What does expert parenting look like? What

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Football Sports Psychology - Fear of Failure

How England Can Overcome Their Fear Of Failure

English football has a problem with its fear of failure. The shirt weighs heavy on many of the team,

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Playing Brilliant Football – A Sport Psychologist's Guide

What are the key ingredients for a brilliant footballing performance? How do the world’s best footballers continue to break down barriers and push

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World Cup All Time Records

1. All Time World Cup Goal Scorer

Miroslav Klose, the highest all-time world cup finals goal scorer. He has scored an astonishing 16 goals over his

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Parenting young athletes

What is the secret to parenting children involved in sport? Following years and years of scientific research examining which parental strategies are

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How To Help Your Child in Sport

For some parents, watching sports on TV may be a reminder to encourage children to pursue sporting passions. But when it comes to youth sport, what

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10 Top Tips to help control your emotion in Sport — Part 2

Are our emotions something that help us when it comes to sport, or do they hold us back? The answer? Both. Learning how to balance and control your

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10 Top Tips to help control your emotions in sport — Part 1

What does it take to really excel in the world of elite sport? The ability to deliver your best when it matters the most is a fundamental part of

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The Pressures on Youth Footballers

Does being earmarked as a ‘future star’ help or hinder our youth footballers? What impact does this hype and pressure have on them? It is one thing

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