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Why do athletes choke? A Sport Psychologist's explanation

It is an interesting and frustrating quirk of performance that, when athletes really need to perform at their best, they sometimes perform at their

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The importance of knowing your role in sports

There is an old adage that say that one needs to learn their instrument before they join the orchestra. Likewise, in every sports team, a group of

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A golf psychologist's guide to pre-shot routines

Is there such a thing as the perfect golf shot? Probably not, but the best golf shots are often played by those who are able to perform under

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Visualisation in golf

Visualisation is a process in which golfers use all their senses to create a mental image of what they want to achieve. For many golfers,

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The impact of music on performance in sport

Athletes are constantly searching for ways to improve their performance. The desire to run faster, jump higher or lift more has them searching for

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A sport psychologist's tips for surviving winter golf

With golf courses closing and winter greens arriving, access and willingness to play and practice is often reduced. This leaves many golfers

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6 ways athletes can prepare properly

Eric Cantona once said that “preparation is everything”.

It’s not just the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that really separates the best

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Parenting junior golfers

How do you successfully parent junior golfers? What does this actually look like? What should parents say to their children after they have finished

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How to stop feeling embarrassed on the golf course

The golf course can be a stressful environment. Whether you like it or not, at some point a better golfer (be it another member, a course marshal or

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Developing a growth mindset in golf - a sport psychologist's top tips

Golf is often deemed to be one of the most mentally demanding sports. Therefore, if a golfer is going to bridge the gap from good to great, a growth

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