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The benefits of a growth mindset, explained

What is A Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset is arguably one of the most popular psychological theories in education. It describes the belief that one

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An overview of critical thinking in schools

Critical Thinking is one of those phrases that gets mentioned often. Some think it is vital that we teach it to students. Others think it’s something

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5 things to look out for in the next 100 days at InnerDrive

Whilst lockdown has been challenging, we believe that learning never stops. So, the past 3 months have been quite eventful for us...

We are about to

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How does interleaving help struggling students?

Interleaving is becoming an increasingly popular revision technique, with teachers and students becoming more aware of its positive effects on

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Why sleep quality, duration and consistency matter

“Sleep is important!”

How many times have we heard this from our parents, doctors, and even teachers? We’re all aware that we should be getting the

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Teacher support and student well-being

The majority of a student’s time is spent in school, which is crucial to a student’s development – and their teachers play a key role in this.

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How to do acronyms wrong

GCSE, ICT, UCAS, BSc… these are just a few of the acronyms we hear very often in school and beyond. Many of us use these acronyms in our daily

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The secret to leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? Anyone who wants to become someone who can motivate and influence others, frequently asks themselves this question.

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