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4 misconceptions about metacognition

Put simply, metacognition is the ability to critically analyse and monitor the way we think. As the concept of metacognition has grown in popularity

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What we learnt at the KGS Growth Mindset conference

7th November 2018 marked a very exciting day for InnerDrive, as we had the pleasure of hosting our very own Growth Mindset conference in

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What does hard work look like?

As the great Basketball coach John Wooden once said: “Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way”.


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How the world views teenagers

Let’s start with a quick experiment. When I say the word ‘teenager’ to you, what three words come to mind?

Recently researchers ran a similar

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The problem with praise

There is an old adage that ‘praise is like penicillin…it must not be administered haphazardly’. Done well, it can help boost motivation and

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Improving metacognition with retrieval practice

More and more schools are starting to talk about the power of both retrieval practice and metacognition. But what actually are they, how do they

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Intended vs actual revision behaviour

When it comes to revision, many students start out with high levels of motivation and good intentions. But these good intentions often don’t

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Do parents treat their sons and daughters differently?

It is interesting to consider how parents treat and think about their children differently; are there subtle yet important variations in how people

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