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Growth Mindset: Stories & Science - Part 7

Our Greatest Glory – Nelson Madela

South African President Nelson Mandela highlighted the importance of learning and resilience when he once said “if

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Why do Teenagers Get Wet in the Rain?

Recently, we were delivering a CPD session for teachers. As we were going to leave, a storm started. Waiting for the rain to pass, one of the

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Mindset and Mental Health: Interview With an Expert

We recently wrote a blog detailing some of the latest research that highlights the link between mindset and mental health.

A significant part of that

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Growth Mindset: Stories & Science - Part 6


Will Smith is one of the most recognised actors and musicians in the world and is the only actor to have 11 consecutive films

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Emotional Intelligence: Why It Matters and how to Teach it

In our work with schools, it’s now commonplace for us to hear those in education talking about helping students (and staff) develop their emotional

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Four Neuromyths – Debunked

It’s not true that you only use 10% of your brain, nor can you categorise students by ‘learning styles’ – let’s cut this nonsense from classrooms


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Challenging Unhelpful Beliefs

We’ve all had them: irrational thoughts that pop into our head without a moment’s notice. And just like that, in a flash, they can take hold.

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How Parents Can Help Their Child Thrive at School

We have all heard the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. But is it true?

A recent study found that there is some truth in this, with

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