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8 ways to cope with change

Heraclitus of Ephesus, one of the greatest minds in history, saw life as a river. He states that “you can never step in the same river twice”. This

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7 ways to boost resilience at work

How can we deal with the ever increasing level of stress at work? Are there simple, quick and easy strategies that we can use to make us more

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Don't Cheat Your Revision

What are the barriers to effective revision? We think there are five ways that stop students learning as much as they possibly could. If students

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8 ways to improve creativity

There is currently a big debate in schools as to if creativity can be taught. But is this really the case? Akin to nurturing a small flame into a

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Revision: An Introduction to Dual Coding

Do you want to help your students revise better? Have you heard about dual-coding but aren’t sure what it is? This blog explores some of the research

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INDIES award finalist

We are honoured to announce that our book Release Your Inner Drive has been shortlisted for a second award. This time our book is a finalist for a 

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6 Reasons to Keep A Diary

Benjamin Franklin used to begin each day by asking himself “What can I do well today?”. He then wrote those things down in a diary. Come the end of

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Revision: An Introduction to Spacing

How much students can remember plays a key role in their exam success. So can we improve our memory? Is cramming really a successful revision method?

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