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What is the most important of Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction?

Out of all ten of Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, one is the most important. It is the principle that enables all the other ones to be

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The 10 principles of Cognitive Load Theory

Cognitive Load Theory has become an increasingly popular concept within education. It focuses on how we present information to learners and how to

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How to help your students prepare for their first exam

Sitting an exam can be a nerve-wracking experience – especially when, for some students, it may be their first formal external exam in ages. After

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Writing instruction: how it works, and why it matters

Teaching writing has perhaps never been so important. A report published earlier this year by the National Literacy Trust found that young people’s

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How to understand cognitive science research: a teacher's guide

Engaging with research is an important part of understanding cognitive science and the science of learning.

It helps test how well current teaching

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Embodied cognition: why we should be both optimistic and cautious

Is “Embodied Cognition” about to be the next big thing in education?

Proponents claim it can help provide a wider range of strategies that are not

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A beginner's guide to cognitive science

There’s been a real boom of interest in the education world about cognitive science, which is a very broad discipline within psychology. It covers

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What is interleaving, and why does it work?

Interleaving is an increasingly popular teaching & learning strategy to use. This technique involves studying topics within the same subject by

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