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How (not) to praise your child

Did you know that what you praise your child for and how you do it can have huge implications for how they think, feel and behave in the future?

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Are school uniforms actually a good idea?

82% of state schools in the UK specify that their students must wear a school uniform.

However, despite this large majority, the debate as to whether

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Growth mindset and the stress hormone

Growth mindset is one of the most talked about phrases in education, and something that teachers up and down the country are trying to develop in

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Should teachers greet students at the door?

There has been a growing trend of viral videos that show the inventive and unique ways teachers greet their students at the door before starting

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How to encourage girls to study STEM subjects

Are we facing a national shortage of girls studying STEM subjects? As of last year, only 22% of A level physics entries comprised of girls, with this

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The Pygmalion Effect: the latest research

In Greek mythology, Pygmalion was a renowned sculptor. He had such love for one of his statues that the gods turned it into a real person.

This story

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Are students doing revision wrong?

As exam season draws closer, many students are frantically searching for the most efficient revision techniques that will maximise their learning and

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Studying using the Production Effect

Have you heard about the Production Effect?

This little known but vitally important area of research may hold the key to why some students remember

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