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When should students not use Retrieval Practice?

Is there ever a time where Retrieval Practice isn’t an optimal learning strategy?

Retrieval Practice is one of the most well-supported and

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How we help students develop Metacognition: learning how to learn

You may have heard a lot about Metacognition in education in recent years, but how confident are you that you know what it is? And even then, how do

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Why ignorance and discomfort may belong in the learning process

Challenges that push your students out of their comfort zones are inevitable in education. While the initial reactions may lean towards avoidance,

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Why are students so easily distracted?

There are many reasons why students get distracted so easily and frequently. It’s a combination of biological, psychological and environmental

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Can gamification in education lead to better student learning?

The ever-evolving world of education constantly seeks new ways to captivate students. Enter "gamification" – a trend that has caught widespread

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Why knowing the benefits of Retrieval Practice isn’t enough

It’s been proven to be one of the most effective learning strategies over and over again. So why don’t students use Retrieval Practice?

Not knowing

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7 approaches to using AI in the classroom (with prompts)

In only a few short months since the explosion of ChatGPT, it feels that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the hot topic in education. It

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Why pre-tests might help learning

Emerging research indicates that pre-tests help learning. But what are they? And why might they be an effective teaching strategy?

Researchers have

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