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How to use retrieval practice effectively in the classroom

Retrieval practice, the process of generating an answer to a question, is one of the most effective learning strategies. There are many different

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What links spacing, interleaving and Cognitive Load Theory together?

Spacing, the strategy which consists of spreading your learning over a period of time, has consistently been found to be an effective learning

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4 counterintuitive concepts about how we learn

The problem: learning takes place in the brains of our pupils. We can’t see it. We can only make inferences based on what our pupils say and do. A

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5 things you should do during your daily review, according to Rosenshine

Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction are a huge area of interest in education at the moment, thanks to all the practical implications and impact

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The do's and don'ts of interleaving

Interleaving has the potential to be a very effective learning strategy. It is built around the concept that instead of studying each topic or

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What to do after a bad exam

Sitting a bad exam can be disheartening. It can be difficult for students to know how to deal with the situation, let alone how to prepare for the

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How quickly do students forget things?

The ability to recall and retain information is crucial to optimising students’ memory, knowledge and learning. But unfortunately, we all forget

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Why longer wait times might transform your students' learning

When teaching, every second counts. But what if having a few extra seconds of silence meant that your students were more engaged and participated

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