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Summer Learning Loss: what it is and how to reduce it

Are your students struggling in their first few weeks back at school? They may be experiencing a summer learning loss. This is a phenomenon that

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Cognitive Load Theory: the Redundancy Effect

Cognitive Load Theory received a renewed level of interest last year when Dylan William tweeted that he thinks it is “the single most important thing

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The 10 most common mistakes students make

There are a number of traps that the majority of students fall into when it comes to their learning. Although they often intend well, myths about how

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The impact of the timetable on student grades

Schools are constantly searching for new ways to improve learning and allow all students to maximise their full potential. However, with school

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Everything you need to know about the Relative Age Effect

How much impact does the month you were born in have? We’re not talking about star signs here, but instead a curious phenomenon known as the

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This is the best way to start your lessons

How do you start your lessons?

Do you begin by explaining to your students the intended learning outcomes for the lesson? Many schools function this

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What happens when the classroom clown is a boy?

Society treats boys and girls differently. Even before birth, you get blue cakes or pink cakes as part of the gender reveal, before moving on to

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The Best Way to Fail

Poet Robert Browning famously wrote that “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp”. Essentially, this means that the only way to develop and improve is

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