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The surprising reason why students cheat

If we are all completely honest, there has been at least one occasion in everyone’s life where they have cheated or taken a dishonest short-cut.

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Resilience v adaptability

At InnerDrive, we’re aware of how exciting new and useful psychological theories and concepts can be. But sometimes, in the rush to embrace those,

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Make time for the little things, too

When we want to inspire and motivate others, we often pitch the idea of ‘begin with the end in mind’ or to focus on what you want to achieve in the

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What happens when you combine retrieval practice and spacing

An abundance of research has highlighted retrieval practice and spacing as two of the most effective learning strategies for improving students’

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Student feedback: immediate or delayed?

Author Ken Blanchard once said that “feedback is the breakfast of champions”.

However, this is only true when feedback is done right. Research

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How to use group work effectively

There is a growing debate amongst educators surrounding the efficacy of group work due to the potential for conflict between students, a loss of

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How much should students revise?

Sometimes, the stress of exams can be as much about calculating and planning how much time to spend revising as about the actual exams themselves.

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How to grab (and keep) students' attention

Pay attention!

All educators say it at some stage. Watching students zone out, check their phones discretely – or not so discretely - and chat to

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