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When to use Free Recall Retrieval Practice: More nuanced than you think

Retrieval Practice is widely used in classrooms. With good reason. The evidence that retrieving information can ingrain information and cement it

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9 cognitive biases to look out for when engaging with research

We’re living in exciting times, with more and more educators seeking out evidence-informed practices to elevate their teaching and enhance their

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4 ways to get students to use Desirable Difficulties in their studying themselves

How do we best help our students become better independent learners? For this, one of the key concepts we need to familiarise them with is Desirable

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An overview of effective questioning in the classroom

Teachers are constantly looking for ways to engage students and enhance their learning. One simple but powerful tool to do so: effective questioning.

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4 things students should avoid during revision

Revision plays a pivotal role in the learning process. It isn't just about students cramming information into their brain to do well in an upcoming

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Is Cognitive Science for all knowledge and for all subjects?

Learning is a fascinating journey. Knowing how to make it happen smoothly can have a huge impact in the classroom.

It's not just about what you

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How much do students overestimate their abilities and what can you do about it?

It's no secret that people often see themselves through rose-coloured glasses. They believe they can run faster, jump higher and solve problems

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One simple tweak to maximise your multiple-choice quizzes

Multiple-choice tests offer a quick and easy way to gauge your students' grasp of a subject. Plus, they’re a great form of Retrieval Practice, which

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