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Our Growth Mindset Conference

Our Growth Mindset Conference

Now that the conference has happened, you can read our recap of it (and even download it as an ebook) right here.

Announcing Our Growth Mindset Conference

Several months ago, we were very excited when the lovely folk at Kingston Grammar approached us with a very exciting idea – would we be interested in partnering with them to create the most amazing Growth Mindset Conference in 2018? To make it even better, they said we could invite whoever we wanted to present it.

We obviously jumped at the chance. It is not every day you get the opportunity to get all the people who have inspired you and who are leading experts at what they do, together in the same room. Speaking at this event on Wednesday 7th November, we’ve got elite athletes, psychologists, headteachers and directors of learning. So without further ado, here is our excellent line up of speakers for the day.


Dame Katherine Grainger

Katherine has won more medals for Team GB than any other female athlete. What is more, she has done it over a number Olympics and has a great story to tell. She won silver at Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. She managed to go even one better at London 2012 when she captured Gold. She even won another medal in Rio 2016. She knows a lot about resilience, performance under pressure and is an awesome public speaker. 


Lucy Crehan

Teacher and author of possibly our favourite ever book in education, Clever Lands. Lucy has travelled and taught all around the world to find out what different countries do and what can we learn from them. She is set to share her nuggets of wisdom and lessons learnt from her travels. 


Chris Hildrew

Headteacher and author of the book Becoming a Growth Mindset School. He will share his school’s journey about what has worked and what hasn’t in their quest to implement research findings in a practical and meaningful way. You can read some of his thoughts in advance on his blog here.


Jonnie Noakes

Jonnie is the director of teaching and learning at Eton College. He will be sharing some of the changes and developments that Eton have been partaking in this area over recent years. He will also give an update on to some of the latest research that they have been doing as well.


Dr Pippa Busch

Pippa is a Child and Education Psychologist who specialises in attachment and helping students develop their personal resilience. Her session is going to focus on practical strategies that teachers can use in the classroom


The Guys From InnerDrive

We couldn’t run a conference and not present at it! Bradley Busch, our Chartered Psychologist, will give an update on recent research findings and Edward Watson will be talking about how we can use this to help disengaged students.

So Join Us...

The day is going to be a really rare opportunity to hear from a diverse range of speakers on the same topic… how do we best help students improve, learn, develop and believe in themselves.

Visit our page about Developing Growth Mindsets to find out more about our research and how it could help you.

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