A look back at InnerDrive's 2019 in education

A look back at InnerDrive's 2019 in education

Schools have now broken up for the Christmas holidays, and the New Year is nearly here - now is the perfect time for us to take a look back at the past year. Lots has happened in the education world (a new Ofsted framework, the fascinating PISA 2018 results…) and great research was published, making 2019 our most interesting year yet.

If you’re curious about what we were up to at InnerDrive in 2019, like stats or just want to know what our best resources were this year, keep reading...

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This year was our most successful and productive yet - we visited 131 schools to deliver 475 workshops to teachers, students and parents (plus 24 keynote speeches). In total, our coaches travelled 24,778 miles over 3 countries. To put this in perspective, that’s just 123 miles less than the Earth’s circumference!

InnerDrive coaches visited 131 schools to deliver 475 workshops and 24 keynote speeches for a total of 24,778 miles over 3 countries in 2019


But we didn’t stop at delivering workshops. We published a whopping 127 blogs and 30 free classroom posters to bring the research from the science of learning to schools.

In addition to those, we tried out lots of new resources as well - we published 4 free ebooks, made a seven-part email course, wrote 9 classroom resources reviews and created 2 profile tests. Here is where you can check some of them out:

However, one of our proudest achievements this year is our new best-selling book, The Science of Learning: 77 studies that every teacher needs to know.

In 2019, InnerDrive published 127 blogs, 4 ebooks, 30 free classroom posters, 9 reviews, 2 profile tests and a best-selling book


Do you want to know which of our resources other educators were interested in this year? Here are our best blogs from 2019:

We even opened an Instagram account and started publishing blogs on Medium this year too!

So, if you have read or used an InnerDrive resource or had us at your school for a workshop this year, we would like to say: thank you. We’ll see you in 2020 with even more resources!


Did you know we also work in sport psychology? To see what we made and what our athletes were up to in 2019, click here.

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