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How to inspire positive change within your team

What is the psychology behind helping a group of people make a positive behaviour change?

Good intentions may often fall short and an initial spark

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How to brainstorm better

When embarking on a new idea or project, it is now commonplace for teams to have a brainstorming session. The premise is simple: think out loud about

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7 ways to boost your resilience at work

How can we deal with the ever increasing level of stress at work? Are there simple, quick and easy strategies that we can use to make us more

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How Google helps employees learn from their mistakes

Making mistakes is a vital part of learning. Unfortunately for many, the fear of failure means that they are unwilling to take necessary risks and

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Why you should stop checking work emails after hours

Guess how many emails the average employee receives per day? 97. (source)

And guess how many employees check their work messages at least once a day

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Are you wasting your lunch break?

Recent research shows that the traditional one-hour lunch break no longer truly exists, and the average British worker takes just 34 minutes for

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Growth mindset and sales training

Developing Growth Mindset

How would your sales team answer the following question: “Do you believe that your abilities and talents are set in stone,

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Helping Microsoft develop a Growth Mindset

How do big companies develop a collective growth mindset? Microsoft are currently spending a lot of time, energy and effort on fostering a company

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