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The updated EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit: what has changed?

The EEF have just released their updated Teaching and Learning Toolkit this morning, designed to support teachers in applying effective teaching and

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Share the benefits of retrieval practice across your school community

There are many ways to carry out retrieval practice, which is the act of recalling information from long-term memory, from multiple-choice quizzes to

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Ensuring you keep retrieval practice low stakes in the classroom

A recent research study explored both beneficial and detrimental effects of testing as a learning strategy, wanting to answer the following question:

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The five-step study plan to start the academic year with

The start of the academic year is the perfect time to start a conversation with your students about how effective study strategies can help them

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What impact does technology have on cognitive load?

When it comes to learning, there is no doubt that utilising technology can have its benefits. Research shows that utilising iPads in the classroom

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Retrieval practice: evidence suggests it benefits all students

Retrieval practice is one of the most popular, and arguably effective, learning strategies for students. Retrieval practice isany activity that

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Why everything you thought you knew about success and motivation may be wrong

It is the psychological equivalent of the chicken and the egg. Which comes first: success or motivation?

For years, the general assumption has been

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The latest research on retrieval practice is here - what does it say?

This guest blog was written by teacher, author and retrieval practice expert, Kate Jones.


Professor Pooja K Agarwal is well-known for her work

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