Great news: Kate Jones is joining the InnerDrive team

Great news: Kate Jones is joining the InnerDrive team

If you are an educator with a Twitter account, you know who Kate Jones is: teacher, leader, author, radio host, and all-around inspiration for the education community.

Over here at InnerDrive, we have been big fans of Kate’s for a while. Her Twitter profile and her website are gold mines of evidence-based teaching resources, and we have been recommending her "Retrieval Practice" book series to anyone who would listen. We had the pleasure to collaborate with Kate on CPD courses and blogs this past year, and she even did us the honour to ask us to write the foreword for her book.

That is why we are delighted to announce that Kate Jones is joining the InnerDrive team in 2022 as our Teaching & Learning Lead.

Kate’s passion for all things education is truly inspiring, and her invaluable knowledge and experience are bound to take InnerDrive to the next level. We count ourselves very lucky to have such an exciting addition to our team, and can’t wait to get to work.


Read Kate’s statement below:

"In the summer of 2019, I traveled around Europe sightseeing on my own, with a copy of "The Science of Learning: 77 Studies That Every Teacher Needs to Know" by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson accompanying me on my travels. I couldn't believe how incredibly helpful, informative, and simply brilliant the book was and I've been raving about it ever since. It helped me immensely as a classroom teacher, middle leader, and form tutor as well as enhancing my knowledge and understanding with retrieval practice. After that wonderful summer, I returned to the classroom inspired and created a display board for my tutor group with infographics I downloaded from the InnerDrive website. It was when I shared this on Twitter that my connection with InnerDrive began and has continued to develop. 

Bradley and Edward wrote the foreword to "Retrieval Practice 2", we have delivered webinars together and I am always learning from the Innerdrive team, as well as having lots of laughs too! I am so excited to be joining the team as we have the same goal: to help students learn. We can do this by supporting teachers, parents, families and students to learn more about the science of learning. In my new role as Teaching and Learning Lead, I am looking forward to taking my work with cognitive science to the next level, combining that with curriculum design, feedback, literacy, formative assessment strategies, and much more. This is a perfect fit for me; combining the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise of InnerDrive with evidence-informed practice and my classroom experience and enthusiasm for teaching and learning.


Read more about what Kate will be working on at InnerDrive...

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