Press release: The first term of the Cognitive Science Network programme

InnerDrive launches the Cognitive Science Network programme, a network aimed at helping schools to apply research findings from cognitive science research for better teaching and learning in schools

Announcing the eleven schools participating in the first Cognitive Science Network programme

LONDON, 23 May, 2022 – InnerDrive, a teaching and learning company, today announced the list of participating schools in the Cognitive Science Network, a programme led by experts in the cognitive science field, for school leaders at similar stages in their cognitive science journey.  

Designing and putting together this programme has taken many years. How do you get schools from around the UK together to discuss and work together on developing best practice in teaching and learning? We are very excited to finally be crystalising our vision of how to enable this,” says Edward Watson, founder of InnerDrive.

Seminars with acknowledged experts in the field, facilitated discussions and workshops with other leading school leaders in this area, networking visits and networking tools. This is going to seriously develop the use of cognitive science research in our teaching communities,” added Bradley Busch, chartered psychologist and director at InnerDrive.

The Cognitive Science Network connects like-minded educators from around the UK, allowing them to learn from experts in the fields and increase their understanding of the latest research on how to accelerate student learning. The members will discuss and develop practical and implementable cognitive science strategies to improve the quality of student teaching and learning at their schools.

CSN Map-2

The eleven schools to join the Cognitive Science Network are: Carrickfergus Grammar, Channing School, Holyhead School, Lord Wandsworth College, Lostock High School, Mount Kelly, North Cestrian School, Ryarsh Primary School, St Francis Xavier Sixth Form, St James Primary, and The Judd School. 

Features and benefits of Cognitive Science Network include:

  • Expert-led discussions on the latest research papers on cognitive science;
  • Active networking tools enabling members to work together;
  • Ongoing support from cognitive science experts;
  • Co-ordinated day visits to other schools in the network.

InnerDrive is a London-based teaching and learning company. They use psychological research to help people achieve their potential in Education, Business and Sport. They specialise in the practical application of cognitive science, memory, the science of learning, metacognition, brain management, growth mindset, and stress management strategies to improve motivation, learning and confidence. Over the last 15 years, they have worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers and students around the world. Edward and Bradley are co-authors of “The Science of Learning - 99 Studies Every Teacher Needs to Know”. 

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