5 things we can't wait to work on with Kate Jones

5 things we can't wait to work on with Kate Jones

It’s official: Kate Jones is joining InnerDrive as our Teaching & Learning Lead in 2022.

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Kate is a teacher, leader, writer and all-around education inspiration. She has been sharing resources and commentary on Twitter for years, wrote a number of books including the Retrieval Practice series, regularly writes for education media and hosts a breakfast show on Teachers Talk Radio.

We have admired Kate’s expertise, knowledge and passion for all things teaching & learning for a while now, and have had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions. We can’t wait to get to work supporting educators in more ways thanks to her.

Here’s what you can expect from Kate Jones’s work at InnerDrive…


New teacher CPD

After working with Kate on a webinar series earlier this year, covering subjects such as studying skills and adapting strategies to SEND students, we are looking forward to joining forces again.

From curriculum design to more advanced retrieval practice courses, keep your eyes peeled for new content…


Perfecting our existing teacher CPD workshops

We pride ourselves on basing our CPD workshops on the latest evidence and making them as practical as possible for teachers. Kate’s invaluable insight and experience will take our existing workshops to the next level.

We are particularly looking forward to delivering our CPD courses on retrieval practice, Cognitive Load Theory, metacognition and Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction with her - subjects we believe can truly transform a school’s practice and results.

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The InnerDrive Online Academy is expanding

The InnerDrive Online Academy has allowed us to make our courses more accessible and offer flexible learning to schools around the world. We have big plans for both our teacher CPD and student modules - so if you want more training that you can take whenever, wherever, with pricing adapted to your school, stay tuned…

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Even more free resources

At InnerDrive, we believe that while research can be overwhelming and hard to translate into practical strategies, it has the power to transform students’ learning, well-being and overall success. That’s why we have been sharing free blogs, posters and more with educators for years.

Kate Jones shares our passion for making research accessible to the people it benefits the most. We have always loved the resources she shares on her website and Twitter profile, and have had the pleasure to collaborate with her on some. We look forward to working on these resources with Kate every day and seeing them impact schools.

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Cognitive science overviews

There has never been a more exciting time to be in education: the community is full of people eager to learn from the research findings coming out every day and share their thoughts, strategies, recommendations and enthusiasm with each other.

Kate Jones is one of those people. Her Twitter profile is a gold mine. We are delighted to get her on board and offer educators more ongoing thoughts, commentary and reaction to the latest research.

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