5 things to look out for in the next 100 days at InnerDrive

5 things to look out for in the next 100 days at InnerDrive

Whilst lockdown has been challenging, we believe that learning never stops. So, the past 3 months have been quite eventful for us...

We are about to enter the most exciting and groundbreaking time at InnerDrive HQ. We’ve been working on some pretty special projects that we are focusing on over the next hundred days. We thought you’d like to hear about them. So, here are five things to keep an eye out for...

1. The Return of Student Workshops

Our most popular student workshop for September, The Mastery Mindset, teaches students how to develop the key habits needed to be successful.

We hope to go back to visiting UK schools in September and are currently available to discuss bookings if you are interested. However, we understand that no one really knows what the next academic year will look like. This is why we are happy to provide any of our workshops to your school online. You can browse them all here – here are some that might particularly interest you:



2. Our Online Academy

Remote learning and online CPD is going to be more and more common moving forward. We have developed some brilliant CPD for you – it’s interactive, engaging, evidence-based, and can be completed anytime and anywhere. You can visit the InnerDrive Online Academy here.

Current modules include:

We also have many more planned, including some about resilience, Cognitive Load Theory, Nurture Groups and Attachment Theory...

Prices start at £7 + VAT per member. To discuss getting your school's staff access to this, get in touch with us here.

3. Bigger and Better Free Resources

At the start of lockdown, we immediately put together free packs of blogs and posters to help teachers, parents, students and athletes cope with lockdown. We also made free printable goal-setting worksheets to help students develop a healthy, efficient routine in the face of brutal change.

We have plenty more free resources planned – including posters, research summaries, videos and much more. So keep a close eye out for that. If you aren't already, why not sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about these?

4. The Science of Learning – 2nd Edition

We have almost finished writing the second edition of our best-selling book, The Science of Learning. This is going to include many more new studies, as well as a hands-on guide to practically implementing research-based strategies. As a result, we are hoping it will be the one stop shop for where the science of learning meets the art of teaching.

5. A Parents Guide to The Science of Learning

We are also putting the finishing touches to another book, which focuses on how parents can use some of the research that we often talk about to help aid their child’s learning and development. This is going to follow a similar format to our previous book, so it will be in an easy to read format, with looks of practical tips and suggestions.

This will help complete the triangle needed for success; staff-students-parents all working from the same page.

And one more thing...

We are always trying to provide a real valuable service to the education community. The whole country owes teachers a debt of gratitude for helping educate our children during these challenging times.

So if there is anything you think we should be doing, please do let us know. Be it a question you want us to research for a blog or a resource that we can make, please do get in touch. Here’s to the next 100 days!

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