10 Ways to Boost Motivation

10 Ways to Boost Motivation

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  1. Targets - Set yourself a clear, ambitious and accurate target
  2. Think Why - Remind yourself why you are doing this
  3. Improvements - Measure success by how much you've improved (not comparing to others)
  4. The Right People - Surround yourself with positive hard working people
  5. Choose - View decisions as active choices, not sacrifices
  6. Enjoy - Find enjoyment in what you are doing
  7. Travel - Embrace the journey, not just the outcome
  8. Break it Down - Focus on your next step. This helps break the challenge down into manageable steps
  9. Challenge Yourself - If the task matches and stretches your ability, you will get immersed in it
  10. Manage that Stress - Some stress is good. Too little and you won't care, but too much and you may get overwhelmed

For even more useful info visit our page on How to Develop a Growth Mindset which has tons of great tips and links to the latest research on Growth Mindset.

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